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Samsung Galaxy Ring launch: Price, specs, feature, availability

The Samsung Galaxy Ring has the ability to track various health metrics such as heart rate. This is Samsung's first foray into the smart ring category of product as it hopes to keep users hooked to its ecosystem of devices ranging from smartwatches to smartphones.

Arjun Kharpal | CNBC

PARIS — Samsung on Wednesday launched the Galaxy Ring, its first step into the “smart ring” space. The South Korean tech giant is trying to integrate and provide health-tracking features into its products — such as smartphones and wearables — to compete with other brands. Applepushed into space.

The Galaxy Ring, which Samsung has been teasing for the past few months, is a lightweight ring equipped with sensors designed for 24-hour health monitoring, the company said at its Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris, France on Wednesday.

Samsung's entry into a new product category comes at a time when smartphone sales are growing slightly, but users want to hold on to their handsets for longer. Device makers are looking for additional electronics products to sell.

For Samsung, the Galaxy Ring adds a new device to its portfolio that can track health features alongside its smartphones and smartwatches. Over the past few years, Samsung has been trying to market its health applications – which are becoming increasingly popular among consumers – as a major reason to buy such products.

And Samsung is pitching the ring as a device that can be worn with its smartwatch and smartphone, powered by artificial intelligence software, to offer a comprehensive picture of a person's health, a move that could help boost sales of its other products.

“This new device and category for Samsung will be on everyone's radar,” Paolo Pescatore, founder of PP Foresight, told CNBC.

Pescatore said Ring is a “product that can help drive smartphone sales and bring more users to its platform.”

Key features and price of the Galaxy Ring

Samsung says the Galaxy Ring can track the following:

  • SleepThe device can monitor a person's activity during sleep, sleep latency, heart and respiratory rates, and provide an analysis of sleep quality.
  • menstruationSamsung says it uses skin temperature to track a person's menstrual cycle.
  • heart rateThe Galaxy Ring can notify users if their heart rate is abnormally high or low. Users can also check their heart rate in real time.
  • ExerciseThe Galaxy Ring can detect what type of workout or activity a person is doing.

The Galaxy Ring weighs between 2.3 grams and 3 grams, depending on which size you buy. The device is available in three colours.

Samsung says the Galaxy Ring's battery can last up to seven days. Like the wireless earbuds, it also has a portable charging case.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring will be available starting July 24 and will start at $399.99.

Samsung Ecosystem Play

On Wednesday, Samsung also took the wraps off its latest smartwatches — the Galaxy Watch7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra. This is the first time Samsung has launched an “Ultra” model of its smartwatch, a device designed for athletes and people involved in activities like hiking and mountain climbing.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra (left) and Galaxy Watch 7 (right) are the latest smartwatches from the South Korean giant. This is the first time Samsung has released an “Ultra” version of its wearable device.

Arjun Kharpal | CNBC

Analyst explains the reason behind Samsung Electronics' unexpected revenue growth?

“It's no surprise that Samsung is doubling down on connecting its products with an 'ecosystem story.' Apple has shown that increasing interdependencies between products is an extremely effective way to keep consumers tied to a specific brand,” Ben Wood, head of research at CCS Insight, told CNBC.

Ring is a 'niche' product

While the Galaxy Ring won't be a big-selling item for Samsung, it does underscore how the technology company wants to expand its audience.

“The Galaxy Ring is an interesting bet by Samsung,” Wood said, adding that the product category is a “niche segment” and that about 4 million rings are expected to ship in 2025. That's a “rounding error” compared to the 250 million smartphones sold next year.

“However, it is a device category that fits well with growing consumer interest in tracking health metrics and it complements Samsung’s current smartwatch sales, particularly when monitoring sleep.”

While smartwatches are bulky devices, smart rings are less cumbersome and can be worn more comfortably at night.

Samsung is not the only company selling such devices. According to CCS Insight, Oura, one of the market leaders, has sold 2.5 million units of its products over the past nine years. After Samsung announced the ring earlier this year, other companies have also shown interest in the market. CNBC reported in February that Chinese electronics company Honor is developing its own smart ring.

Wood said Samsung will be able to corner the smart ring market on a larger scale than other competitors.

“Samsung will likely be the market-maker because of its global reach and significant marketing budget, driving awareness of a new product category that most consumers haven't even heard of,” Wood said.

The Galaxy Ring could open up new revenue sources for Samsung in software. Users can get their data from the wearables through the Samsung Health app. Hon Pak, head of the digital health team at Samsung, told CNBC in February that the company is “considering” a subscription service for the app.

“For Samsung, this category may not become a major source of revenue, but it helps expand its portfolio of wearable devices and opens the door for new services in the future, if they decide to do so,” IDC's Jeronimo said.



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