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ASA rules Golf Clash ad misled around loot boxes disclosure

The UK Advertising Standards Authority has found that EA misled customers in a paid Facebook advert regarding the presence of loot boxes in Golf Clash.

As a result of this decision, the ad will not be allowed to appear again in its current form, and the ASA has advised EA to ensure future advertisements “clearly and prominently” highlight the presence of random purchases in the game.

The Golf Clash ad had a message at the bottom saying “Contains optional in-game purchases (includes random items),” but it disappeared after a few seconds. The complaint concerned whether the presence of the loot box was clear enough, as the message was too fleeting.

The argument was accepted and the ASA concluded that the ad breached the UK's non-broadcast code and was a misleading advertisement.

In particular, the regulator pointed to the fact that the text size was very small, visible only for a few seconds, was written in “light grey”, and the background was moving rapidly and was also bright in colour.

“We therefore found that the creative presented in the background distorted the appearance of the text and, combined with the fast-paced nature of the video clip, made it difficult to read the text, which we consider to be important information for consumers,” the ASA said in its ruling.

It added: “Because the presentation of the text within the context of the ad was not presented clearly overall, we concluded that the ad may mislead consumers about the presence of loot boxes in the game.”

The ASA also warned EA over misleading advertising for Golf Clash in a previous ruling earlier this year.



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