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Roblox launches new range of analytical tools for developers

Roblox Corp. is launching a new series of analytical tools for developers to “track funnel and economy events to rapidly enhance your experience.”

Similar to the feature-rich analytical suites found in engines like Unreal and Unity, Roblox They say The initial analytical tools — called Economy and Funnel Event Analytics — will help developers better understand in-app spending and player retention.

Economy analytics enables developers to better track how players use their in-game currencies and resources, while funnels will provide stronger insights about player retention and where users may be dropping out in “your onboarding, shop, and other funnels.”

Events can be segmented by age, gender, platform, OS, and three custom fields of your choice.

Next week will bring more tools to better monitor user behavior, including features to help developers measure “qualified playthrough rate,” “qualified players,” and “similar experience benchmarks,” which enable developers to compare their stats with competing games and experiences.

Other features, such as URL tracking, are expected to be available later.

For more information, including how to unlock the new dashboard, visit here Roblox Dev Forums,

Roblox also recently revealed that it is working toward giving players the ability to create characters and objects with “4D generative AI.”



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