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Melania Trump: Melania Trump’s rare appearance at Manhattan fundraiser in a $4,000 dress

Former First Lady Melania Trump Melania held a political fundraising event in New York on Monday night, the Daily Mail reported, adding that the red Valentino dress she wore cost $4,000. Melania also hosted an intimate group at Trump Tower to raise funds for the Log Cabin Republicans, the largest conservation LGBTQ+ organization.
Melania Trump is now the most sought-after person ahead of the election, as she could become the First Lady again if Donald Trump wins the election, but for the first time in White House history she will not be a full-time First Lady, reports say. Her disinterest in politics and Washington is being scrutinized, as she was not seen at Trump's hearings or the first presidential debate.

Melania's public appearance comes at a time when Donald Trump has retreated. He is active on social media but is not out on the campaign trail. His advisers said Trump is sitting back and watching the Democratic chaos – amid controversy over his Project 2025 – from which Trump has carefully distanced himself.
The fundraiser held on Monday was Melania's second fundraiser this year for the Log Cabin Republicans. She opened up Trump's private penthouse for the event. The event was attended by former Trump White House official Kellyanne Conway, former senator Kelly Loeffler and her husband Jeff Sprecher, businessman Brian Urey and his husband Bill White, former acting director of US National Intelligence Richard Grenell, and philanthropists Nazmi and Joseph Moinian, reports Daily Mail. The event raised $1.4 million.
Melania wants to devote her time to Barron Trump who will be going to college this year. Reports say that Melania is worried about Barron because Barron has never lived alone and therefore does not want him to move to Washington full-time if Melania Trump wins.
Melania was last seen with Trump at Barron's high school graduation in May. She was present when Trump announced his 2024 presidential bid last year. When asked if she would campaign for Trump, she said, “Stay tuned.” But she has been mostly inactive while Jill Biden is actively campaigning for President Joe Biden.



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