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Creative Spark 2024 Video Contest: Next Vista for Learning

Unleash your creativity!

Creative Spark 2024Do you want to win great prizes? Do you want to help young people around the world gain new insights into what they learned in school? Do you want to help a very respectable effort to eliminate ignorance through one-on-one video? wants you!

How does the contest work? Put a little creativity into a video that teaches any concept in elementary, middle or high school, and limit it to 90 seconds or less. It could be about sculpture, negative numbers, supply and demand, alternative energy, adverbs or anything else you have clever insight about. Read the full rules, and if you click in the right place, you might get some prompts.

This is actually three competitions: one for students, one for teachers, and one for collaboration between the two (such as when students plan and/or act and teachers edit). These will be judged separately, and we will award prizes to the finalists and winners of each.


Each video and its entry form must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Friday, December 6, 2024. There is a small bonus in the scoring for videos submitted by 11:59 PM on Friday, November 8, 2024.


Certificates! Amazon cards! International pride! This last part is a bit abstract, but hopefully it's valuable to you. 8^)


Simple. You cannot become a finalist unless you follow all the rules. Click here for details.

Sample videos, incentives, and some fine print

Here are student finalist videos, teacher finalist videos, and collaboration finalist videos from previous competitions.

Get creative, create your video carefully, and submit it – hopefully you’ll not only help others learn something, but also win a prize!


Ownership of any video submitted to remains with the student or teacher who creates and/or submits it. This person grants Next Vista for Learning the right to post the video and use it to promote the organization's efforts, including posting it on Next Vista's YouTube channel. If the person who creates and/or submits a video to wants the video removed from the library, he or she must write to Next Vista for Learning and clearly request that the specific video he or she submitted be removed. Any request will be acknowledged within four weeks.



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